The permanent ANIMALIUM exhibition, Window on the Animal Kingdom, showcases four distinct natural environments and the animals that inhabit them. You will be able to discover the incredible richness of the flora and fauna of the temperate forests in North America, Europe, the Arctic Tundra and the African Savannah.

Rich and diversified, the exhibition features more than 250 vertebrate specimens (of the 800 species in the collection) and an invitation to dive into the fascinating world of arthropods and other curiosities.

Both educational and cultural, the exhibition presents the characteristics of various living environments, how the animals live there and how they overcome challenges and threats that affect them. You will also discover the many ways that allow us to protect the biodiversity of these natural environments.

With a nod to the sporting activities in the Mont-Tremblant region, the exhibition will conclude with the athletic exploits of the champions of the animal world.

Animalium is an essential event for families, groups, nature enthusiasts and lovers of flora and fauna.


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